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Joe has been playing guitar since age 8. Coming from a musical family, he has been exposed to a wide variety of Music genres such as Classic Rock, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s Pop, Rock, Rap, Hip Hop and Disco, as well as Blues, Funk all the way to Heavy Metal, Death Metal and Metalcore.


Over the years he has played with multiple Tribute bands, cover bands and original bands, performing at over 100 concerts and events across Canada and the United Arab Emirates.


Joe has also composed two studio EP’s entitled MetAcoustic and Necronikon. He has also recorded multiple projects with various Musicians as a session guitarist.

Metacoustic can best be described as Opeth meets In Flames with a middle eastern touch; which represents his cultural background.

Necronikon can best be described as Killswitch Engage meets Amon Amarth with a taste of the middle east.

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